Mermaid of the Abyss

You don't have to wish on stars to make dreams come true.

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I much prefer being on private and I don't like to interact much with most fandoms (especially on Twitter) if it's not people I'm already close to otherwise, so I can't guarantee I'll accept your follow request (though if you're friends with my friends it's probably gonna be fine). however, please do feel free to send a request in the first place, or maybe come talk to me on Tumblr instead! it's not about you, I've just got a big need for space and my Twitter feels largely personal to me, even if it's not really a vent account. I promise I'm actually friendly,,

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❧ 20↑
❧ she/her
❧ Germany
❧ bi aromantic/asexual

Things of Note

❧ there's untagged spoilers here!! don't follow if you don't want that
❧ I'm very bad at replying and my memory is a sieve. please kick my butt if I suddenly disappear in the middle of a conversation
❧ follow-backs depend 90% on the content of your account / if you post stuff I'm into
❧ no character or ship hate / discourse, I also won't follow back if you post a lot of that
❧ feel free to interact whenever, even if I'm not following you! idc about being mutuals
❧ the mute function is my best friend, both for words and for people; it's never personal though!
❧ I have a lot of OCs, both for existing franchises and completely original, and talk about them a lot. if you ask me about them, I will love you forever
❧ I use she/her for Narukami Arashi, but I don't really care what you use as long as you're being respectful about it
❧ I am very ... very annoying.

Night Sky & Ever Blue

I have a bunch of different hyperfixations going on at any given time, but these are my current ones that you'll probably see the most of. I love a lot of stuff, though; this isn't really a fandom account meant to interact on anime Twitter, but it is full of retweets and rambles about whatever I'm into, which is many different things!

Other Fandoms

❧ Ace Attorney
❧ Danganronpa
❧ Ensemble Stars!!
❧ Kuroko no Basket
❧ Kyoto Animation
❧ Nintendo
❧ PreCure
❧ Shoujoβ˜†Kageki Revue Starlight
❧ The [email protected] (Cinderella Girls)
❧ Twisted Wonderland
❧ Uma Musume
❧ Vocaloid
❧ 22/7
❧ ... etc.

You can expect ...

❧ seasonal anime
❧ cute animal pictures & videos
❧ things I find funny
❧ a lot of ramblings
❧ art WIPs & doodles
❧ Hiyori lovemail
❧ me being stupid
❧ alpacas

Only for You

I love these two a lot, and I ramble a lot about Hiyori in particular, so don't say I didn't warn you when it gets annoying! if you dislike them, I'd advise you to stay away, you're just going to get mad. they make me so very happy and are huge comfort characters for me! β™₯

they're also best friends and run a book club together. you heard it here first.

though the hand I held out was far away
though no words reached you
even though I was worthless like that
I wanted to protect your smile.

when I first properly got to know Hiyori with Dive to the Future, I immediately started loving him. drawing me in with his delightfully mean attitude and his mysterious connection to Ikuya, I was looking forward every week to seeing more of what he had to offer - from the few glimpses we got in earlier episodes, over the punch in the gut that was episode 4, to finally getting insight into what he's really like with his focus episode, 6, and all the pain and relief that came after. I've written at length about him and the connection that I have to him, but the short version is: Hiyori is special.

I could go on and on about how intriguing of a character he is and how much I love to look into him and analyse him (which not many characters manage to do), but if you've talked to me about DTTF even a little bit, you probably know anyway. I won't tell you to love Hiyori, and I can understand why one wouldn't after all he said and did, but I do want him to be understood, so I tend to go a little off the rails when it comes to him. coughs.

I've always loved the way Free! handles its characters, so in a way it's no surprise that one of my ultimate favourites would come from it, I just didn't expect it to be this beautiful mess of a person. but here I am now, and he's one of my few comfort characters and a major source of emotional support to me! I don't really do the whole romantic gestures business and I don't see him that way, but thinking about hugging him or holding his hand and things like that make me smile a lot and calm me down ... he has so much love to give and so much he has yet to receive. the Little Mermaid won't turn into seafoam this time - his Prince is still right there, and he has a whole human world to discover.

all I want is for Hiyori to be happy with the friends he has finally found, and when he smiles (genuinely, that is!), I smile, too. β™₯

I want to make sure I find the words
but I can't think of them just yet
even so, it seems like my courage is surging bit by bit
I can grow stronger.

Hanamaru is a character that reminds me very much of myself. both growing up rather lonely and introverted and finding refuge in the world of books, we struggle to see ourselves as good enough to do what we really want to do. we're also both choir girls who aim to be writers someday, and our attitude toward our friends is very similar! although there are aspects where our personalities and backstories obviously diverge, she's still the character I relate to the most.

because of this, seeing Maru succeed and shine inspires and motivates me more than anything else. if Maru can do it, so can I! watching her finally get her centre song with Mitaiken Horizon made me so incredibly proud, because she deserves it, she really does. and she shines so brightly in the centre, although she herself would probably never have known if she hadn't done it.

with her adorable zuras and her love for food, Maru is a super cute girl all around, but more than anything she radiates warmth. you know those kinds of people you just look at and feel calm and at peace? Maru is that. I don't yell about her as much as about Hiyori because she discourages yelling; she's more like coming home to a warm and welcoming house after taking a walk in the snow, curling up at the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

Teacher Maru as a card in particular means a lot to me, and you bet I'm still emotional over how she got the Mermaid UR just like Hiyori is the Little Mermaid (she even talks about the fairytale in her homescreen lines)! but more than any gacha card, I simply love Maru for who she is and what she stands for. β™₯

Starlight Alliance

the little mermaid was by the prince's side the whole time

shipping is a very important emotional outlet for me and I talk about it a lot! despite that, I tend to interpret not explicitly romantic dynamics as platonic in canon and most of my shippy ramblings are fanon only unless stated otherwise, so please don't take them too seriously ... and please refrain from talking to me about my NOTPs, haha. any ships not mentioned here I'm mostly neutral about and might retweet if it's cute art or a nice fic!

I'm also very decidedly a pro-shipper and may talk about it occasionally, but usually I stay far away from discourse and ship wars (mostly because it's tiring and also very, very stupid). I don't really talk about my Problematic ships here - if you want to know my (18+) side account where I do, feel free to shoot me a message!

also, this should be obvious, but if you're really into one of my NOTPs or vice-versa, that has absolutely no influence on whether we can be friends or not. let's just avoid talking about it / have a calm discussion if we're feeling up to it!

❧ fandoms ordered roughly by how much I talk about them ship-wise
❧ names ordered by personal top/bottom preference, but I don't care all that much
❧ I love any constellation of my polyships, but will only list them as poly
❧ most of my romantic NOTPs I still love as friendships
❧ I also love all my romantic ships as friendships. everyone is friends
❧ the overall most important ones are marked as italic - I'll talk about these a lot (ships) / avoid them avidly by abusing the mute function (NOTPs)
❧ my potential sexuality headcanons don't really play much into my ship preferences as they're all fanon anyway (ex. I hc Kageyama as aroace, but a lot of his ships are cute)
❧ I generally don't tend to vibe much with the really popular ships
❧ NOTPs are only here so you know what to avoid / what I'm definitely not gonna post, I hardly ever talk about them
❧ every ship is a good ship, even if it's not my good ship!!


OTP Ikuya/Hiyori
other favourites Makoto/Haruka/Rin
honourable mentions Asahi/Rei ; Sousuke/Gou ; Nagisa/Aiichirou ; Sousuke/Rin ; Kisumi/Haruka
BrOTPs Samezuka ; Sano Trio ; Hiyori/Makoto ; Hiyori/Asahi ; Haruka/Ikuya
NOTPs Hiyori & Ikuya with anyone but each other I'm sorry I just can't


OTP Akaashi/Oikawa
other favourites Bokuto/Kuroo/Tsukishima ; Atsumu/Hinata ; Atsumu/Osamu ; Tanaka/Kanoka ; Yahaba/Shirabu
honourable mentions Oikawa/Kageyama ; Tsukishima/Kageyama ; Tanaka/Kiyoko ; Hinata/Kenma ; Hinata/Yamaguchi/Yachi
BrOTPs Date Kougyou ; MSBY Black Jackals ; Bokuto/Akaashi ; Iwaizumi/Oikawa ; Akaashi/Terushima/Mai ; Hinata/everyone
NOTPs Bokuto/Akaashi ; Iwaizumi/Oikawa ; Kuroo/Kenma

I avoid Bokuaka to the point where most of my mutelist are OPs of related tweets that ended up on my timeline even once. if you get caught up in that, I'm so sorry & it's nothing personal!!


OTP Tenn/Riku
other favourites Gaku/Tsumugi
honourable mentions Tsumugi/everyone ; Tenn/Iori ; Mitsuki/Iori ; Iori/Tamaki/Haruka
BrOTPs Tenn/Aya ; Riku/Mitsuki ; all of them. just all of them. all of them are best friends I don't make the rules
NOTPs Iori/Riku ; Sougo/Tamaki (they're cute, I just much prefer them as friends)

when I talk about Tennriku it's usually not explicitly romantic, but I do it a lot, so if you're uncomfortable with that you'd probably better stay away!


OTPs Lisa/Rinko ; Nayuta/Ren
other favourites Misaki/Maya ; Chisato/Kanon ; Sayo/Rinko ; Haruka/Kanata
honourable mentions Sayo/Hina ; Aya/Hina ; Arisa/Kasumi ; Yukina/Sayo ; Yukina/Ran ; Moca/Lisa ; Kenta/Wataru ; Yuu/Wataru
BrOTPs Lisa/Yukina ; Moca/everyone
NOTP Moca/Ran

Love Live!

OTP Dia/Riko
other favourites Honoka/Tsubasa ; Yohane/Mari ; Dia/Riko/Hanamaru
honourable mentions Dia/Kanan/Hanamaru ; Eli/Umi ; Kotori/Hanayo ; Maki/Rin/Hanayo ; Ai/Ayumu
BrOTPs all of them. that's the point of the franchise. they're all best friends
NOTP Nozomi/Eli ; Yohane/Hanamaru

Ensemble Stars!!

OTP Eichi/Tsumugi
other favourites Yuzuru/Ibara ; Rei/Ritsu
honourable mentions Tsukasa/Kohaku ; Eichi/Hajime ; Izumi/Makoto ; Hinata/Yuuta
BrOTPs Tea Club ; Arashi/Tetora
NOTP Natsume/Tsumugi

I'm not the biggest fan of most of the main ships, but Natsumugi is one of the very few where their dynamic actually makes me uncomfortable and it's not just because I prefer them as friends,, please avoid them around me if you can hh


Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko/Katara
Ace Attorney Klavier/Apollo
Danganronpa Amami/Saihara ; Kaito/Maki
Fire Emblem Chrom/F!Robin ; Dimitri/Felix ; Edelgard/F!Byleth ; Ephraim/Eirika
Hibike! Euphonium Asuka/Kumiko ; Shuuichi/Hazuki ; Nozomi/Mizore
Kuroko no Basket Akashi/Kuroko ; Kise/Kasamatsu
PokΓ©mon Caitlin/Grimsley ; Drew/May ; May/Serena
Tsurune - Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu Kaito/Ryouhei ; Minato/Seiya ; Shuu/Seiya
Voltron: Legendary Defender Lance/Allura