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β€’ makes all sorts of art things
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β€’ usually stays in her lane
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β€’ pretty stupid & never shuts up
β€’ has no idea what she's doing please help

I much prefer being on private and I don't like to interact much with most fandoms (especially on Twitter) if it's not people I'm already close to otherwise, so I can't guarantee I'll accept your follow request (though if you're friends with my friends it's probably gonna be fine). however, please do feel free to send a request in the first place, or maybe come talk to me on Tumblr instead! it's not about you, I've just got a big need for space and my Twitter feels largely personal to me, even if it's not really a vent account. I promise I'm actually friendly,,

side note, I absolutely suck at replying and have a tendency to disappear in the middle of the conversation for a few days; if that happens just verbally kick my butt or else I might forget I still wanted to say something β™ͺ

Ensemble Stars! ; Hibike! Euphonium ; High School Fleet ; IDOLiSH7 ; Kuroko no Basket ; Mob Psycho 100 ; PreCure ; Shokugeki no Souma ; Uma Musume ; Violet Evergarden

Ace Attorney ; Animal Crossing ; Danganronpa ; Fire Emblem ; Splatoon ; Super Smash Bros.

and a lot more ...

banding band

here's a collection of my main PokΓ©mon teams! why? because I love them. duh. they may not be particularly competitively viable but they're my children, goshdarnit.

I started with Gen III, but I only really began paying attention to anything but my starter in Gen IV, so that's why only everything onward is here ... this is also a big WIP and probably always will be, I'm always playing through a PokΓ©mon game at any given time and I need to fix up some old ones too.

I've beaten every game from Diamond onward (minus Let's Go Pikachu but I'll get to that too someday I promise) at least once, so there's still a lot that needs to be added ... but for now, these are my established teams!


Inferno (m) - Hibiskus (f) - Gischt (f) - Funke (m) - Mirakel (f) - Persistenz (f)

WHITE (Heaven)

Pride (m) - Pixie Dust (f) - First Lady (f) - HebebΓΌhne (m) - Shandella (f) - Zekrom

BLACK 2 (Valerie)

Layken (f) - Tulo (m) - Blader (m) - Skyward (m) - Cream (f) - Darmanitan (m; N's)

Y (Sophie)

Brioche (f) - Profiterole (f) - Tarte (m) - Macaron (m) - SoufflΓ© (m) - Parfait (f)


Rubina (f) - Jena (f) - Prisma (f) - Arbora (f) - Drava (f) - LΓ©guno (m)

MOON (Airani)

Kuroo (m) - Akiteru (m) - Alisa (f) - Iwaizumi (m) - Goshiki (m) - Kageyama (m)


Oikawa (m) - Saeko (f) - Atsumu (m) - Shibayama (m) - Reon (m) - Shibateru (f)

LET'S GO EEVEE! (Rizumi)

Maru (f) - Rantarou (m) - Tomoe (f) - Shinsuke (m) - Miu (f) - Izuku (m)

SWORD (Lizbeth)

Bobby Fulbright (m) - Scarlet (f) - The Black Eagle Strideforce - Sir Fluffington the Spherical (m) - Strawberry Shortcake, Destroyer of Worlds (f) - Felix Hugo Fraldarius (m)

only for you

I love these two a lot, and I'm always rambling about Hiyori in particular, so don't say I didn't warn you when it gets annoying! if you hate them, I'd advise you to stay away, you're just going to get mad. I don't really have comfort characters or anything, but these two are still a big support to me! β™₯

page of idol favs
Ushijima Wakatoshi ; Miya Atsumu ; Miya Osamu
Tachibana Makoto ; Matsuoka Rin ; Shiina Asahi
Cynthia ; Leo ; Eirika ; Ashe Ubert
Sonia Nevermind ; Mioda Ibuki ; Momota Kaito
Caitlin ; May ; Serena ; Crystal
Kise Ryouta ; Mukami Kou ; Rico Brzenska

no matter what

starlight alliance

the ones on the main page are my OTPs (Akaoi especially means the world to me), but I'm a huge multishipper and usually at least somewhat down for most things you can throw at me! here's a small and very incomplete collection of other ships I love, though β˜†

note: while I do have my squicks, this is very much a ship-positive zone, including for the morally questionable ones. I've got no issue beyond personal distaste with most Problematic ships, so keep that in mind!

bokuroo ; tanoka ; atsuhina ; atsukage ; atsuosa ; bokurotsuki ; ennofuta ; hinayamayachi ; iwadai ; kiyotana ; oiyaha ; yahashira ; yamayachi

Lisarin ; Arikasu ; Ayahina ; Kanochisa ; Misamaya ; Sayorin

Honotsuba ; Eliumi ; Kotopana ; Makirinpana ; (Dia)rikomaru ; Yohamari

makorinharu ; asarei ; nagitori ; sougou ; sourin

Minaseiya ; Shuseiya ; Kairyou

(primarely f!)chrobin ; edelthea ; fraldarddyd

Akakuro ; Allurance ; Amasai ; Asukumi ; Contestshipping ; Eitsumu ; Nozomizo ; Tennriku ; Yuzubara

NOTPs: bokuaka ; iwaoi ; kuroken ; chromia ; ikuya or hiyori with anyone but each other i'm sorry i just can't // i love all of these as friendships though!